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Friday, August 15, 2008

I really am something, aren't I?

I'm not sure that much thrills me more than a great deal, especially if I get to be extra tricky. That said, I am thrilled to the bone right now. And you get to hear why!!

We re-did Shnookie2's room over a year ago in bright colors with a very, VERY subtle beachy theme (she's adamant on this point because her friend across the street has a beach-themed bedroom). Ever since then, we have been searching for a perfect overhead light fixture. Finally, she found a style she loved: a capiz shell tiered chandelier. Cost? around $650. Gulp.

So I have been rolling that around in my head for six months, desperately hoping that IKEA would come out with one for $19.95. (WHY don't they consult me on their design decisions???) Then I saw the capiz part (no lighting capability) at a discount store for $40. Then I spent another month trying to figure out how to make that work, searching for wiring kits, etc. THEN one day I went to Home Depot and came across this single hanging pendant light with a blue glass shade on it. Cost? $14.99 on clearance. Naturally, they were out of stock...in the whole state of Utah. Not to be squelched in my quest (my DIY adrenaline was really pumping at this point), I asked the orange apron helper-man if I could just buy the display one. He agreed, arranged it with the cashier, and off I went, smiling ear to ear. THEN I noticed that they had only charged me $.01 for it (that's one penny, folks). When I went back to the cashier, she said that was no mistake. Wahoo! I think I scared her a little with my glee.

I went home (could I MAKE this any longer??), took off the blue shade, spray painted the white plastic parts with silver, and plopped that capiz shade on there. (It was a little harder than that--each strand of shells was individually wrapped in plastic and yards of tape.) Hubby wired it up for me, and V-I-O-L-A, a masterpiece for $40.01:

The great thing is that I have to pass her room every time I go to my room, so I get to admire my genius over and over and over...


The Crabtree Chronicles said...

I am impressed! Beautiful work you guys! When she moves out someday, you'll have to move it to your bedroom so you can admire it even more. :)

Malinda said...

YOu go girl! When I do get my own home someday I will of course be calling on you to decorate it for us. You may be 60 by that time but I expect that you will still have the gift!

Jeni said...

I am fighting the feeling that I was born to the wrong Williams sister... (NEVER tell my mom I said that!)

Taylor Clan said...

Your creativity astounds me. Your cheapskate character is far overshadowed by mine. Check your email. I sent it before I read your blogspot. $10. Not as beatiful but quite classy, I must say.
Erin - 1
Nancy -0

Erin - 1 (I'll give you credit)
Nancy - 10 (I also bought one pair of pants, some capris, graph paper, two shirts, and five books for another $10. One of the shirts still has on the tags).

Becky said...

That's one for the record books!! I bow to you, your royal highness. Bow, bow, bow.

Jen said...

You need to bring some of that DIY mojo my way --I could use a little creativity! I'm impressed with your ingenuity and ability to make it happen!

Alaina said...

Wow that's amazing! And it looks seriously great.