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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My FFA Father Would Be Proud

I am a farmer. There, I said it. Like the good men and women who fostered our great land in its infancy, I till the earth and harvest its bounties for the nourishment of all mankind. And just like my forefathers, I get very little respect for all of my labors. In fact, I am mocked and ridiculed. . . IN MY OWN HOME.

Why is it that the tradition of farming is not appreciated and revered like it should be? What would man be without the fruits of the land to sustain him?

If you are appalled as I am regarding this injustice to hard-working, honest farmers everywhere, then stand up and be heard. Write my husband and tell him that he should support and praise me, perhaps even till the earth side-by-side with me once-in-while. End the ridicule and tell him that “YES! Once and for all, online farming IS real farming!!!”

Are you with me??


Taylor Clan said...

Are you talking about your facebook farm? Because if you didn't plant squash this year, don't be surprised if you find some in your unlocked car one day... (not cybersquash)

Jeni said...

I vote that if online school counts as real school, online farming counts as real farming. Who can argue with that logic???

Malinda said...

I am so with you. My husband likes to say that I should just walk out the door to the nearest farm and go to work for real. Just becuase we are surrounded by lush farm land does not mean that I want to get my hands in the "real" dirt! I say that husbands that can not apprciate farm town or farmville should just go do some house work and get over it!

Jen said...

Hmmm...I may have to side with your hubby on this one! I watched my sister harvesting fields and I fail to see how the swish and click of the mouse qualify as real. Just sayin! :D

Anonymous said...

farmtown is lame. get over your obsession! focus on your schnookies...specifically schnookie #2. taking her shopping would do you good.