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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


And now for your viewing pleasure (or torture, depending on how you feel about gorgeous scrapbook pages featuring adorable children, ahem), my most recent layouts:

Journaling: Starting very young, Shnookie4 showed she wasn’t afraid to get in there and mix it up on the soccer field. Because of that, Dad started calling her “tenacious!” Now that she’s 7 and on her own team, she’s earning that title more than ever!

Please note: I KNOW that tenacious is spelled wrong on this picture. When I first showed it to Hubby using the big "look what I did, aren't I a wonder, and you'd better goosh all over it" flourish, he got this instant panicked look, tried to recover, and said it was lovely. Not one to miss such subtleties, I was all: "What, what?? What don't you like?" Poor guy. He had to break it to the English snob that she'd spelled a word wrong in BIG BRIGHT RED letters and posted it on the world wide web. I'm sure he was heartbroken. Soooo...I have corrected it on the original full-resolution original, but I'm just too lazy to change it on this copy. I know...I'm a disgrace to English snobs everywhere.

Next...(I promise, they don't all have such lengthy albeit charming stories behind them.)

My niece, Alaina Despain, took and filtered this amazing photo herself and graciously gave me permission to scrap it. It's of my oldest nephew, Todd, and his son, Quinton, at our family reunion this summer. Doesn't it just give you chills?? Especially the way I scrapped it?? Bwahahaha!!!

These are our friends, Shannon and K.C. VanHorne. We went to the town concert this year together, and they stood there and danced in the middle of the crowd. It was so sweet!!

The kit I used on that page is by Sausan Designs. Now, I am not much of a designer stalker--I'm really too cheap to spend what it takes--but I am quite taken with Sylvie's work. I find that once I buy something of hers, I use it over and over and over. Almost every page I've done in the last 6 months has something of hers. And can you believe this woman comments on every layout in the galleries that uses something of hers? Either that, or she's stalking ME (yeah, right), cuz she never fails to compliment my work with her stuff. I surely admire that in a designer.

This is using the picture I showed you before of my kids and friends playing in the rain. Good times.

And finally...

I took the girls up the canyon last week, and the leaves were drop-dead gorgeous. They knew we'd be doing some photos, so Shnookie4 grabbed her new hat. We got her hair cut in a reverse bob, and it's so stinkin' cute!! Then, you add this hat, and she's so chic I could just gobble her up!!


*~*Jill*~* said...

Erin - that last LO of schnookie4? CUTE! cute cute cute cute CUTE!

That is all - of everything you wrote down I am only feeling the urge to comment on one LO ;) cuz that's where *my* snobbiness stems.