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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New clock

Lookie what I did! And it's about time! BWAHAHAHA!! We got this great clock from Target where you can put in your own pictures. We were looking for a contemporary nickel-finish clock-- to go along with our new modern living room--and when we saw this, I wasn't sold at first. But then I started thinking of the theme possibilities, and I just had to have it! The idea is to change it once-in-awhile--ya know, for holidays or special celebrations, or when I get the urge for change but can't drag my sorry butt up a ladder to paint. This first edition is in tribute to the new family room: each circle is a picture of something in the room, in the multiple of the hour it represents. Get it??? So, for 3:00, there's the 3 bamboo sticks that lean up against the shelves. I am so clever I can hardly stand it sometimes! :)

Here's the run-down for each hour:
1- Pear canvas that hangs over the fireplace
2- Vases on the mantle
3- Bamboo
4- Pictures of the kids that sit on the shelves
5- Little plants scattered about
6- Strings of beads from the uplight thingy
7- Blue candles, which technically aren't in the room, but could be
8- Nickel-finish handles on the stacked 8-drawer thingy I refinished
9- Appetizer plates, which also aren't in the room
10- Shoes, because we keep the shoe basket in there
11- CD's
12- White chocolate chips with our new rug as a background (ya gotta get pretty creative when you get up in the double digit numbers!)


Pam said...

Way cool clock and from the sounds of it the room is awesome! Great job Erin!

The Andrew Family said...

Oh my gosh, I want one. But I have no cool room to hang it. Dang. I could go ganster and hang it on a chain around my neck. I'm hip, I'm cool. Okay, more hipish, sadly. And twelve pictures of me is just excessive. Sigh. I'll just go stare at it in Target.

PS When this gets published it will announce me as "The Andrew Family" but it's just me. We misunderstood what it was asking when we set up the blog and I'm too lazy to fix it.