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Friday, December 21, 2007

Only the dust-bunnies know...

I don't know why, exactly, but I've always stored the kids' Christmas presents under the bed. I know it's not the most discreet of places, but I'm a second-generation believer of "if you want to ruin your own Christmas, go ahead and look at your presents." Oh, I wrap them up in the store bag--even "tying" them shut with the bag's handles (cuz we all know that would stop any curious kid dead in his tracks. "Dang! Foiled again!"). In the early days, I'd even double or triple bag them so they couldn't see through anything. That was mostly because those kids found crawling under our bed especially fun, and I didn't want them coming face to face with their gift. Now that they are a bit more hygienic and less limber, they go under there a lot less. As a result, I tend to just drop the gift on the floor and give it a good kick to get it as close to the center of the bed as possible.

My kids haven't mentioned this brilliantly super-secret hiding spot for years, so I might've started wondering if they'd forgotten. I've never been sure if anyone has even peeked under there. It seemed clear that either 1) they're incredibly clueless and don't heed the material consumption-fest of Christmas, or 2) they're incredibly smart and purposely don't mention it, knowing that to bring it to my attention could possibly cause me to find a better spot (in which case, they give me waaaaaay too much credit).

As it turns out, they're mostly smart, and I found that out thanks to the one with the least experience at subterfuge...Shnookie4 (Bless her cute, innocent heart.) She bought Shnookie 3 a present at the store. When we got home, she walked in the door and said "Now, where am I going to hide this? I'm definitely not hiding it under your bed, cause that's the first place she'll look!" Hmmmmm.

If I had had to guess which one of my kids would peek, it would've definitely been Shnookie3. So that wasn't such a surprise. What IS a surprise is what a good actor she is--she's never made a single suspicious performance on Christmas morning. Scary...and yet quite impressive.

So, am I changing the hiding spot? No. I'm just kicking the gifts harder. If she's intent on spoiling her Christmas, she should at least have to crawl in farther through the dust-bunnies to get there. Hard work like that builds character.


*~*Jill*~* said...

My mom would do this - to a certain extent - and I now hide presents in the same spot she did - in the trunk of my car. Which makes grocery shopping an uber pain.

Yay Schnookie3! You are a kid after my own heart - Carter went shopping with JB and is desperately trying to tell me what I am getting - LOL (ok ok - sometimes I ask him, just to see JB get a bit flustered)

The Andrew Family said...

Hi Erin,

I don't know if you'll check this older entry but I had to tell you I do the same thing. Only I hide all the gifts in Mike's closet. If the kidlets want to ruin Christmas, be my guest.

And by the way, I just spent the last half an hour ignoring the baby, ignoring dinner that needs to be cleared off the table(everyone else ran off to church for one activity or another), and all just because I couldn't stop reading your blog! It's so addicting! I love it! I wish you were closer and could help me get a design clue.