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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Wii Wish You a Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas and ALL of my kids were thrilled. Yay! That has a lot to do with the Wii Santa visiting us! We were SO lucky to get a Wii at Walmart a few weeks before Christmas. I actually called there one morning at 8:30 am to ask if they got any in. They said "Yes we did, but the last one just sold." I was so sad. I decided right then to accept that there was no way we would be getting a Wii. Little did I know that Hubby had actually GONE THERE at 8:15 and snagged the second to last one. Seriously--he had not even mentioned that he was THINKING of getting one. So weird. I kissed his whole face when he showed up with it.

And there was great rejoicing in our household December 25th. The kids were so all over it that I didn't get a chance until yesterday to play it. My 7-yr-old kicked my butt in every single game. And today my right arm is so sore. How lame is that? When I lift it, I feel the burn, and my brain starts to feel proud of me for working out. Then I realize that it's only one arm, and I'm a loser. Sigh.