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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

They grow so fast...

I was prepared for Boozer to grow fast...I thought. Afterall, we once had a Newfoundland who started out 1 pound at birth and was 140 lbs at one. I knew he grew so fast that I only had one semi-good picture of him as a 'baby.' I learned from that and have been taking TONS of pictures of Boozer (I'm sure the kids feel a little slighted. Sibling rivalry and all that), but 4 weeks later and LOOK . AT . HIM:

(And may I remind you, you are supposed to be looking at the DOG, not at the sheet hanging in my entryway. From a fort my girls made 3 WEEKS AGO but have not looked at since. Cuz that's how we roll.)

So Boozer resides in our guest bathroom (because it has a tile floor...think it through...ah-hah), and we've put up a baby gate in the doorway. To get him in or out, you have to lift him over it. Well, I'm quite sure I'm in my last few days of being able to do that. The poor guy runs from me when he can tell I'm about to lift him in, cuz it ain't pretty. I think we're both stripped of our dignity from the ordeal. I have to wrap my arms from behind around his middle, heave him up into the air while quickly shifting to grab one hind leg for leverage. This leaves all his 'business' exposed to the world at large. Once we get to the gate, (which, unfortunately, puts us face to face with a mirror) I have to use my ab muscles and a well-place leg to propel him over the gate. At this point, he usually starts squirming, eager to end the humiliation. Sometimes he lands square on his face, but the deed is done.

Just be glad I don't have pictures of THAT to share.

Oh, this would be a good time to share a story: We (the humans only) are eating dinner around the kitchen table the other night when we hear a familiar sound--a toilet flushing. But a quick look around the table confirms that all six of us are indeed seated at the table. We all rush to Boozer's bathroom, and sure enough, he'd somehow flushed his toilet! I half expected to see him sitting on the pot, reading the paper! (There would definitely be a photo in that!) But actually, he was cowering by the door, staring at the white fixture that had somehow made the scary noise. So here's me with my fingers crossed, hoping he'll figure out the rest of the toilet procedure and we'll never need a pooper scooper again. It happens in movies, right?

And finally, I've taken a pic of Boozer every Saturday to document his growth. Here's the series so far: (If you flip through them quickly, he does a little dance :) haha)

January 5, 2008

January 11, 2008

January 19, 2008

January 26, 2008

February 2, 2008


Anonymous said...

I love your description of getting the dog out of the gate. Cracks me up. I thought for a moment that the photo of ummm...snookie one was a photo of you at the same age. She looks just like her Momma!

*~*Jill*~* said...

c'mere Boozer- Boozer. ~smoochie smoochie smoochie~

I love puppies. I love how their breath stinks, I love that they have no idea that eating stuff is gross, I love that playing in the snow, finding a piece of grass to eat, or even their own tail can be entertainment.
~sighs~ You're giving me puppy-fever! ;)
I can't BELIEVE how big this dog is going to be. This is really just a replacement for Schnookie1 (for when he leaves for college) isn't it?! Clever scheme!

Jen said...

OH my goodness! He is getting huge! We really need video of the gate procedure...it would be a hit on youtube! I'm with jill on her schnookie replacement theory...You're just trying to feed the need for something big and smelly that eats you out of house and home but is occasionally cuddly. Boozer sounds perfect for the job!

Lainey said...

He IS SO BIG. You are one brave mama. I love the picture documentation - keep it up!

Todd & Tiffany said...

I was so excited to see your blog, I found your link on Ashlee's page. I love your heading, sooo cute. Yeah, we'll never have a dog, I'll just enjoy your experiance with it. He's very cute though.