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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mac Betty

It has come to my attention that Mac users cannot see the lovely shade of pale green of my comments link. I think the word 'prejudiced' was flung out there. In my defense, it is not *I* who has anything against Macs. No, it's BETTY. She's a Mac bigot. She regularly says that Macs suck. I, of course, tell her that we don't use that word in our house, but she can be very belligerent, especially after a few drinks. (Hey, what she does on her own time is none of my business.) However, after 2 of my 3 readers point out the same problem, I have to step in. So I've convinced her to change the color to white. She says if you can't see that, then it's time to get a real computer.

(Again, her words, not mine.)


Todd & Tiffany said...

I love my mac and would never go back to a PC. Thank you for your efforts so that I can enjoy too. :)
I love your picture and embellishments by the way, sooo cute!

Jen said...

OOoooh, she's fiesty, but I forgive her because "Hallelujah!" I see the comments! You might want to try some tough love with Betty, I fear you have trouble in your future.

Becky said...

Was she drinking with Schnookie2 and Boozer. Just wondered, cuz I'll bet that was a killer party!!! Alcohol seems to be a theme in this blog. Do you have something you want to share?...