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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In search of a support group

I suffer from second-hand chocolate. This is how it works: I purposely do not buy any chocolate (at least not the kind I like). The man I live with, however, buys all sorts of chocolate. Almost daily. And then he leaves it--OPEN--all over the house. The good kind, like almond-toffee chocolate bars. Every time I walk by it, it's like I have no choice but to partake. IT'S FORCED ON ME, I tell ya. Much like a woman married to a smoker. Therefore, I am a victim of second-hand chocolate.


The Andrew Family said...

Two points:

1) You are way too trim to be worrying about chocolate, 2nd hand or otherwise. So stop your bellyaching. And send me all your chocolate.

2) Looking at the photo at the top of your blog, your #2 child is THE sleeping beauty. No one should look that beautiful asleep.

Oh, one more thing, I've listed you on our blog. In other words, there's a link to your blog from ours, is that okay? I hope so because now I've really messed up the two point thing I was going for.