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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Shnookie4 turned 8 on the 24th, and Hannah Montana reigned supreme! It is so weird for me to think that there will be a generation of girls in the not far off future that will say "Hannah who?" Right now I could swear she's a member of our family with how much her presence is felt around here. Anyway, here's my little pre-teen pop rocker with her new Hannah gear:

(Sorry for the lame late-winter indoor lighting photos!)
Yes, that is a Hannah Montana wig she's sporting. Just another way we're trying to contribute to the well-being of the poor little Billy Cyrus off-spring. You do what you can in this cruel world.

Right after turning eight, Shnookie4 got to be baptized. (The LDS faith baptizes at 8 yrs instead of as babies, since older children are better able to choose. See http://www.lds.org/ldsorg/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=bbd508f54922d010VgnVCM1000004d82620aRCRD&locale=0&sourceId=1af539b439c98010VgnVCM1000004d82620a____ for more information. Kay.) It was a VERY. BIG. DEAL. and special for a lot of reasons, one of which is that Shnookie1 (who is 16) got to baptize her. Did I cry or what??! I had been so busy all month preparing for this big day, that I was totally unprepared for the wave of emotion that slammed into me when they were in the water together. And then he gives her a big hug before helping her back up the stairs. HELLO! Nail in the coffin (so to speak--not the best phrase to use here, lol) for Mom's emotional control. Luckily, I had to rush in and help her change, so the all-out blubbering had to wait. Here they are together:

I'll pause here to allow you to complete your "ooohing" and "aaaahing" over her stunning dress, which I just might have made myself. I know. I'm crazy. But I had made Shnookie2 a dress when she was baptized. And when Shnookie3's time came, I went so far as to buy the fabric for a dress, before realizing the obvious--that recovering from chemo and sewing a 5-layer jewel-encrusted gown did not mix. (Shnookie 3 has VERY elaborate taste.) So along comes Shnookie 4's time, and I have $100 worth of fabric from the previous aborted attempt. What would you do? (Don't answer that. I know. I'm crazy.) *I* would lose all reason, buy a slightly simpler pattern, and spend 40 hours making Shnookie 4 her special dress. Which apparently I did. (Much to Shnookie 3's changrin. "NO FaiRRRRRRR...that's supposed to be Myyyy dresssssss!") She looks beautiful, though, doesn't she?

My oldest and my youngest. Sigh. I am one lucky mama.


Tiffany said...

You are an amazing mom to sew a dress, period! What a fun time, go Hannah Montana. How great is that to have had her brother be able to baptize her, what a sweet memory to have. Love to you all.

Becky said...

Oh, I am feeling so completely verklempt for you. They will always remember that bond, won't they? The dress turned out stunning! At least when you are a glutton for punishment, people slather praise on you.

Shawna said...

Oh my gosh Erin, can you stop being the most incredibly loving mommy ever!? Your posts about your kids ALWAYS make me cry! I want to be YOU, I really really think that if my love for my kids shines through like yours does for yours then my boys will be very very lucky...

You are amazing Erin! I miss you!!!

Jen said...

I love that your son got to baptize her -- hopefully we'll be able to have Zach baptize Curtis next year and this makes me realize how wonderful it will be!