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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Whatever. Hi. Now where do you hide your treats?

Thought I'd show you what an hour of my free time produces:

Isn't he so precious?? He also lifts his paw to shake when you say "Howdy" to him. He learns REALLY fast--like I said, it took me a total of an hour to teach him "play dead." Part of the reason he's so easy to teach tricks is that he's HIGHLY, highly, HIGHLY food-motivated. When he gets a hankering for a treat (which is 23 hours of every day), he'll actually start lifting his paw to you. First one, then the other, then the other, over and over again. People come in our house, and they're so impressed he wants to greet them with a howdy shake. Friendly, polite doggy!! In reality, he's hitting them up for a treat. Ya know, just in case they go through their day with a dog biscuit in their pocket. We should just teach him to hold a pistol, then he could get straight to the point, without any of that annoying human gushing.

Boozer is so food motivated that he'll go on hunger strikes for DAYS. If he gets a hold of one little piece of hot dog that rolled into the family room (it happens), he will refuse to eat his dry dog food. Instead, he'd rather hold out for the good stuff he's just sure is rolling his way any second. (If the kids were younger, that strategy would probably make sense--spilled food 24/7!) Then he'll get hungry, he'll paw us to death trying to instigate a howdy shake, we get annoyed, we put him outside, and he eats his own poop. Yes, this dog would rather eat THAT than stoop to eating the specialty liver, chicken and beef dog food we give him. I think even in the doggy world that is called irony.


Jen said...

I'm impressed with the dog and even more impressed that you have an HOUR of free time! So the burning question in my mind is, "Does that dog weigh more than you?!!!" He's huge!

kendall said...

I definitely understand training a dog who is motivated by food. Kino (our baby sized dog) learned how to "shake" pretty shortly after we got him, and would shake if we had any sort of food near us.

Taylor Clan said...

You need a job.

Becky said...

Whoa! 2 videos on your blog in a row. Do I have to worry about some sort of egomania setting in? Of course you look fabulous, but someday you might have to share the spotlight! LOL
I'd still like to get he and Peanut together sometime, if only for the photo op. :D