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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Fourth Little Pig Who Builds With Sheets

This is how I found Shnookie4 the other night when I went in to check on her:

I had to pry her little fingers out of the holes in the afghan! She slept right through it, but then again, all the blood had drained down to her armpit by then, so her fingers probably had no feeling.

She has a rail with hooks all the way around her room, so that's how the blankets are attached to the walls. She LOVES to build forts and then sleep in them (after decorating them thoroughly). Quite frequently I find my linen closet bare, only to walk into her room and get lost in its labyrinth of hanging sheets. Makes for a lot of extra laundry loads, let me tell ya. But it's good to know that if she ever gets lost in the forest and has access to piles of sheets (cuz where else would they be?), she'll be able to make shelter for herself. And with her complicated architectural designs, any bear would get lost before he got to her.


*~*Jill*~* said...

*I want her sheets - in a high thread count.

*Is she old enough (at what age does that even happen??) to will herself to sleep yet? Or is it one of those where she was just fidgeting - and passed out as she lay-induced sleep-comas?

*Didn't I read somewhere that Utah was getting snow? I am TOTALLY digging that she's in shorts (pink! nonetheless) AND a very patriotic looking shirt. Schnookie4 is suddenly my very fashion-forward icon. Thank you for that!!

Becky said...

hahahaha--Perhaps you should offer her talents to the Provident Living coordinator in your ward. Or put her on Survivor! Then her talents might win you a million dollars! We are moving Kendall to a different bedroom. I need my Erin to help me decorate!!!

Jen said...

You gotta watch out for girls who build forts. I love to build forts and built many a fort in college. But then I felt the need to build forts with the guys and one I dear-johnned and the other got engaged the week after I built a fort for him.