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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's a very bad news/very good news thing

Bad News:

My laptop completely crashed last Sunday. Right before church, when I was trying to print out the parts for the Primary Program I'd spent all week writing. Hubby went home during the 2nd hour to try and fix it. During the 3rd hour, he came to church, pulled me out into the hall, and told me that everything got deleted. EVERYTHING. Ever one to handle disappointment well, I burst into tears right there. It wasn't the primary program that I mourned, or my Dad's life history I've worked on for a month (those realizations happened later)--it was all of those family pictures I hadn't gotten around to backing up. Wave after wave of ugly crying.

Of course, we rushed Lappy to the computer doctor, and she's been there all week. The prognosis is iffy, although fairly positive (I think. I'm no computer doctor...I just play one on TV). We should hear today how much of her they were able to save.

Good news:

I know, usually the bad news/good news program involves two related items. I think the rules say, however, that if it's REALLY good news, they don't have to be. THUS:

Two days after the computer crash, I took off for HAWAII! I think anyone would agree that there's no place better on earth than Hawaii to recover from a technological heartbreak.

My mom rented a big house in Oahu, right along the North Shore beach, and she invited all of her children (7) and their spouses. Unfortunately, my spouse had a huge week at work he couldn't miss, so I went stag. Of course, that was good news for all the muscled hotties in Hawaii. :) What happens in Hawaii stays...

I really, really had a great time. It was fun to be with my siblings and their spouses. And I didn't even feel like the...uh...13th wheel. Afterall, I had my Mom, and we make a really cute couple. :)

Now, I'm going to show you some pictures. Keep in mind the Bad News factor--I have no Lappy, therefore I have no Photoshop, therefore I have no superpowers. Okay then.

Here's everyone, minus my sister-in-law, Jan, at the temple.

Here's the view from our house (yummy):

Here's me with two of my brothers, Randy and Marc, at the Polynesian Cultural Center:

Here's me at Hanauma Bay, with my brother Randy. He and I snorkeled, and it was a-ma-zing!! I think that was my favorite thing on the trip.

Hanauma Bay is a protected wildlife preserve, so, before they set you loose on the beach, you have to watch a 9-minute film about how to behave in the water. One of the big things is not to damage the coral, which covers a lot of the bay. I was totally cool with that, signed on the dotted line, and off we went. Randy was very patient with me and let me practice putting my face in the water (Toddler101) as long as I needed. I was just getting brave with it, when I came up for a sec, and found a random woman screaming at me "You're not supposed to stand on the fish!!" Startled, I re-adjusted my mask to clear the hallucination, yet there she still was, yelling at me about the fish. Apparently, the coral had already started, and I was ~gasp~ putting a flipper on it. How that would pin down a seasoned little fishy, I don't know, but I shaped right up. And avoided that mad woman as much as possible. You'd think I'd brought along my harpoon or something.

And here's me with Betsy, our vehicle for the Jungle Expedition (I was really hoping for a Betty, dernit):

I have a few scenery-type pics that I want to share, but I will refrain until I can pretty them up a little with PhotoShop. Those ones REALLY show what I loved about my rendevous with Hawaii, because they capture the "ahhhhhh" moments--when all the planets aligned and I felt whole. The moments when thoughts of my ailing Lappy and mountains of laundry were far, far away.



kendall said...

That looks so fun! It's so cute to see everyone together. These are the first pictures I've seen from this family vacation, and they definitely did not disappoint.

The Crabtree Chronicles said...

Jealous, so jealous. Not of the computer crash, but of the Hawaii trip. Just in case you were wondering.

Malinda said...

Erin, that sucks about your computer. I worry about that happening with ours. I bought a back up drive but we can not find it. It is fun to see a photo of your brothers and sisters. I still just picture them as they were in the two that were always in the dinning room at your Moms house. What a great fun thing for you all to do!

Tiffany said...

That's awful about loosing all your pictures. I'm totally paranoid about loosing all mine and so haven't deleted them from the memory card in my camera.
I thought about everyone enjoying Hawaii while we freeze here in Idaho. So glad you had a great time. Looks like more fun than should be allowed.

Jen said...

I feel your pain and mourn with you -- I lost years of journals and photos when my mac crashed a few years ago. And do I dutifully back-up now? No! Please learn from your lesson, somebody has to be smarter than me!

As for Hawaii, you totally deserve to mourn Lappy in the luscious environs of Hawaii!

Mary B said...

LOVE the pictures! (Especially since my Daddy was the dominant sibling in them!) I'm so glad you all had that opportunity. Someday, I'll make it off this continent...

Alaina said...

SO sad about the computer! I've had that happen at least twice and it's absolutely miserable. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the experts.

I LOVE that shot of the trees & the chairs - even sans photoshop! It should be on a big poster.

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you all had a great time. I am jealous though. I hope your laptop situation gets figured out.

Taylor Clan said...

1. Why were you worried about summer ending when you have Hawaii?

2. Is that cleavage I saw on you? No, you really DID take PHOTOSHOP!