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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh, yeah, none taken!

A conversation immediately after picking up Shnookie4's little friend:

Little friend: You need to clean out your car, I guess. It stinks in here. (pause) NO OFFENSE.

Shnookie4: Maybe it's YOU that stinks. NO OFFENSE.

All of us laughing, but me secretly high-fiving the Shnook.


Jen said...

Good for her! My daughter's friend recently texted her other friend from the back seat of my car, "This car is filthy." They were getting a ride home with us and Hannah happened to see the text in the second friend's inbox. It makes me tempted to tell her next time to walk lest she get soiled by my car!

The Andrew Family said...

I shared your story at dinner last night and everyone agreed that Shnookie4 is welcome in our car anytime! (And NOT her stinky friend)