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Friday, December 12, 2008

Why NOT to store dead bodies in your freezer

So we're on about day 237 of having our appliances in the middle of our kitchen. Basically, I just avoid the whole scene, because my hair stands straight up on end when I walk into the room. So, imagine my surprise when I am forced to go in there for some reason, and I see a pool of leaking liquid coming out of my freezer.

(notice that I did go so far as to throw a few napkins on the goo before running screaming down the street)

Evidently, the fridge had died sometime the day before. DIED. Everything perishable ruined. Naturally, I'd just been shopping the day before. I think I mourn the thin mint ice cream the most. I had a beautiful future planned for the two of us. Sigh.

We have had that fridge for 11.5 years and were planning on replacing it soon. Not THIS soon, of course, but soon enough that it doesn't really make sense to toss money at it for repairs. (And I know a shopping opportunity when I see one!) So we hustled off to replace it. Did you know that most places do not have refrigerators in stock on the premises? Something about not enough space, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. We need a fridge NOW, people. Our children need to put COLD milk on their cereal. And Momma has thin mint ice cream on her mind. Sigh.

The soonest we could get the fridge we wanted was early next week. So we sucked it up and agreed to wait. Not 24 hours after ordering it, the factory calls to say that it's on backorder and it'll be another week. DID I NOT MENTION THAT WE NEED COLD--NOW??? Oh my.

So, here's my lesson for you: If you ever plan on replacing your fridge, do it NOW, before your current one dies. You'll thank me later.


Jen said...

Condolences or congratulations, I'm not sure which. We just replaced our fridge and we all are sooooo happy to have ice and filtered water, we don't know what to do with ourselves. I hope yours comes soon. But, don't you have cold right outside?

Jeni said...

Apparently people named Jen have similar thought processes! I was just about to say- You have cold right outside! Isn't it nice to have a reason to be thankful for the wretched, freezing, awful winter??

Taylor Clan said...

The garage works as a refrigerator while outside works as a freezer. Not that I'd know but my Diet Coke is not quite as cold as I'd like in the refrigerator, er garage.

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry. I know how important cold milk is for cereal. I also feel for you and your ice cream. I love mint ice cream.

Erica said...

Sorry about the demise of your fridge. RIP. I just watched the Twilight spoof you posted--thanks so much for putting it up! Awesome.