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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Picture Perfect Christmas

Look at what greeted me Christmas morning!!!:

It's a Nikon D60, and I was so NOT expecting this baby! I seriously cried. I don't remember ever doing that over a gift (over spilt milk, sure, but not over a gift!). Hubby totally surprised me there.

I've taken a batch of pictures, and OH. MY. GOSH., do they look good. I don't know how I survived with my old camera. And even though I know it is totally the camera's doing, my self-esteem has raised a little anyway. I can take awesome pictures!

A normal human being would've taken SCADS of photos by now, but, alas, not me. I got hit with a stomach flu the 26th that put me in the ER, and then in bed for 2 days. I seriously slept 21 of 24 hours yesterday. I'm pretty sure I was dreaming about using my new camera, but there's not much to show for it.

But here's one I took even as the forces of evil germs were gathering within me, plotting to separate me from my new camera.

And here's one of our Christmas tree, which got put up on December 21st--I kid you not. It will be staying with us until the end of February.


The Crabtree Chronicles said...

I'm so jealous....of the camera, not the stomach bug illness. :) Hope you are feeling better soon and we want to see LOTS of beautiful pictures.

Alaina said...

AMAZING! How lucky you are! Now when you figure it all out you can teach me what to do... I mostly know people with Canons, so I'm thrilled to have a Nikon friend :)

Taylor Clan said...

I would have brought you a Zofran! Love the camera. If it improves quality, will you take a picture of me? I will paste it onto my face for my 25th class reunion. No one will know the difference.

Jen said...

Yay! A good camera really does amazing things for your pics -- I wish you loads and loads of fun (but be prepared to have 1000's of pictures on your computer!)

Hope you're over the flu, poor Erin.