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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hopefully he'll be an heir to the tennis shoe fortune

Last night, Shnookie4 shared some more of her future plans with Hubby. It turns out, she already knows her future husbands name. It shall be .... Zeke Puma.

Bear in mind, we do not know any Pumas, nor any Zekes for that matter. I do not know where she came up with this mystery man. What I do know is that it's a good thing for me, in that she will not get married until she's 40. It will take her at least that long to find a man with that exact random name. A wise parent would probably advise her to aim for something more common...maybe a Michael Smith...but who am I to tamper with the inspiration given to a 9 year old girl?

And we have more information on the Puma's future home. It will be filled with five little Pumas, all with their own rooms, the decor of each having already been determined. As for Mr. Puma, his room will be a baseball room. Mrs. Puma? A jungle room. Hubby's response: "But won't you two share a room?"

Shnookie: "No, we will have separate rooms."
Hubby: "But won't Zeke be sad not too share a room with you?"
Shnookie: "TOO BAD."


Jen said...

Well everyone knows you can't have baseball in the jungle, duh! So how could those two rooms possibly work together? She's just being realistic.

Stephanie said...

I love 9 year olds. 3rd and 4th grades are my favorite grades to teach. This story made me laugh!

Becky said...

I am so excited! There's this guy with a Salem Penetentiary vest who picks up garbage on Kuebler named...wait for it....Zeke Puma. Let me know when, and I'll introduce them.