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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Be Yourself

After 2 months of self-induced deprivation, I finally got back to scrapbooking! What really inspired me to re-leap was a plaque I saw at the hair salon while my girls were being sheared. I would've bought it, but I was suffering at the time from sticker shock--3 girls' cuts in a shi-shi salon can do that to you. I wasn't about to add on the extra $9.75 it would take to own that plaque. (BTW - typical Hubby story: I told the youngest two that we would be going to Super Cuts for their trims, and they would like it. They begged me to go to Salon Chateau--where their indulgent father likes to take them. When I said no, they went and begged Daddy ((the perils of having a work-from-home husband)), and he caved and said he'd take them. HOWEVER, when it comes time to leave, Hubby tells me he has to work. But they've already been promised hair nirvana. So *I* take them. It took twice as long, cost more than twice as much, and was twice the effort I'd planned on exerting. He pulls that bait and switch rubbish on me all the time. And I never see it coming...) Anyway, I digress (I know, how unusual).

Here's the layout with the quote from the plaque at the salon that the Chateau lady built:

And, in all fairness, I have always loved that Hubby takes the time and the drain on his feminine side to take his girls to that salon. And, to his credit, their hair always looks better when they go with him, because he stands over the stylist the whole time. He makes sure they get all the glitter, curls, and bobby pinned froo-froos that their little girly hearts desire. I, on the other hand, am out in the lobby looking at plaques, tapping my foot to get home and scrapbook.


*~*Jill*~* said...

All that time and money at a real salon and the child covers her locks with a hat?! Erin!

;) I want to borrow your girls for a few days! Instead of having the holy terror of the nail place, the girls and I could get polished together!!

...I do not want more than one. I do not want more than one. I do not want more than one....

Speaking of digressing - I just made your blog commenting section all about me. Seriously. It's a talent.