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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Boozer on the Block

He's here. They had to drag me kicking and screaming, but we got a puppy. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs, and I get VERY attached, VERY easily...which in a weird way is why I didn't want one. We had a dog named Smokey, but he got to be too much work when I got sick, so we had to give him away. And it almost killed me. And the kids. So I'm scared that will happen again. Nevertheless, my family's dastardly conniving worked, and he's here, pooping and peeing and chewing and howling in my house. But he is the cutest thing EVER. So meet Boozer, our baby Leonberger furry friend:

Isn't that so adorable it curls your toes??? He actually likes to be held this way, and when he's tired, he'll actually nuzzle into my neck like a baby. This is the best part of it all for me, cuz all I miss about little babies is that neck nuzzling. Desire fulfilled. Not for long, though, cuz he's on his way to 175 lbs. rather quickly. So believe me--I'm gobbling up all the nuzzling while I can. I figure I won't be able to even lift him within 2 weeks. I know, you're going what the heck is a Leonburger and why does he get so gargantuan? Answer: it a purebreed mixture of Newfoundland, Great Pyranes, and Saint Bernard. Thus the big.

And now he's howling, so I must go. But first I'll leave you with the image of his sweet little face:


Rachel said...

Aunt Erin! I just read the newsletter and saw that you mentioned you had a blog! Its very cute.

That puppy looks HUGE! But yes, he's so adorable!

Nancy said...

Seriously? Why do you always get such small dogs?! I agree that poodles are not *real* dogs and Chiuauas are skinny rats but there are so many dogs in the middle. Just know that Boozer might eat you someday.