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Saturday, April 26, 2008

It really is hip to be square

Look at me, 3 posts in one week! I just have so much to share, because I've been a busy beaver blogger. We are switching around the kids bedrooms, which affects 3 rooms: moving, cleaning, and--of course--redecorating. It's not as easy as switching seats at the theater, let's just say that. Shnookie 1 is moving to the guest room in the basement, which leaves his room open for Shnookie 3 to leave her younger sister's room. Basically, all 4 kids will now have their own rooms. Too bad we don't have just one more room to put Hubby in, and then *I* could have my own room! HaHa JK

So now that I've explained all that, here's the photo I wanted to share, which has absolutely nothing to do with any bedrooms! It's all connected in my brain, though, because I've been shopping, shopping online for all this redecorating stuff. Packages arriving every day...HURRAY! I have wanted to get some floor tiles from FLOR.com for-ev-er, and I finally did it!

This is our little entry hall from the garage. It gets A LOT of traffic, so every rug I've ever put there gets destroyed or else slides around so much (even with carpet pads) that it's incredibly hazardous--or fun, depending on how you look at it.

Enter FLOR tiles! They're 19 inch squares of carpet that stay put, are eco-friendly, AND they can be WASHED OFF IN THE SINK!! On top of that, you can mix n match and make all sorts of patterns. (You don't want to know how long I spent playing with different combinations on-line! I really had way too much fun than is normal.) I want to put them under my kitchen table and in the hardwood floor bedroom, but I thought I'd better start small. Check it out at www.FLOR.com if you haven't already. Tell them Erin sent you, and......they'll have no idea what you're talking about.


PhatNat said...

Hey Erin-
Natalie (Fish) from the old Salem stomping grounds here. I got to your blog via Becky's. Just wanted you to know that I'm a new fan and I love your blog!
I'm on FLOR's mailing list and get their new catalog every month or so, but for now I'm just dream'n. We have carpet- and those cute colored carpet tiles won't work on carpet. Well, a girl can dream!


Becky said...

Too Cool!!! But you were supposed to come here and help ME redecorate. It's just as well since I have a Senior in high school and therefore no money to have many packages coming to my door. sigh You, on the other hand, did a FAAAAbulous job arranging those little squares. BTW, Kendall told me this morning how Schnookie 3 has WAY BETTER hot lunch than her. And she knows this because...? LOL