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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy, Happy May Day. Grrr.

MAY 1, 2008... Yes, that's MAY!!

Shnookie 3's birthday is May 23rd. This morning she said "Mom, I hope it doesn't snow on my birthday." I was about to assure it wouldn't and stopped mid breath. At this rate, who knows? We may be lighting sparklers in this stuff.

I changed my mind--I WILL be sending something to Mother Nature for Christmas. Boozer will be involved. With any luck it will still be warm when it gets to her.


PhatNat said...

Sorry- it's been nice here in Oregon, except for a little rain, cuz, well....it's Oregon!
My brother's b-day is the 23rd, but he will have sun on that day. He lives in TEXAS!
Happy May Day!


Crabtree Family said...

I feel your pain, we got some too. UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!

Becky said...

Okay, okay, okay--you win. Besides, if it ever snows here, on the valley floor, in May, then I'm moving to St. Thomas to become a Cabana boy.

Jen said...

Holy Cow!!!! We used to have that problem in Rochester every year -- but Utah?! If you can't count on beautiful spring weather in Utah what is this world coming to? (Global warming obviously.)