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Monday, May 26, 2008


All three of my tagees answered the tag quiz--thank you ladies, that was fun! Check out their answers:
Julie: http://www.andrewmjs.blogspot.com
Tiffany: http://www.idahocrabtrees.blogspot.com
Jen: http://www.jenslifeisasitcom.blogspot.com

One of Julie's fears is heights over bodies of water. I can totally relate, although my equation is any heights+children=panic. Which reminded me of the movie we saw this weekend. Which was Horton Hears a Who. Which is animated, I KNOW, but has a scene that had me TERRIFIED. I was just fine with that ledge waaaaay above who-ville where the mayor converses with Horton--didn't even really register. UNTIL he brought his little goth who-kid up there. Instantly, my heart starting palpitating, and I could not follow the plot, I could not eat my popcorn, because my brain was exploding with DANGER warnings. As if that weren't enough, he actually lifts the little gloomy guy up over the railing and dangles him over who-ville (was anyone else thinking Michael Jackson at that point?), finally settling him ON the railing. Yes--I KNOW--all still animated people and ledges, but I was rolled into a ball by now. Shnookie 2 started laughing at me, because she could hear me muttering this chant: Get him down, get him down, get him DOWN!

Movies like this should have a special rating for people like me. Maybe PT--for "fuels Parental Terror."


Anonymous said...

Oh Erin, I feel your pain. I saw that movie and lucky for me I did not catch all that. I just remember thinking that it was very unsafe to get to the kids hide out. I agree with the parent rating. I think there should be one for "This will disturb anyone who has given birth and is now trying to raise said child" Or maybe just "Not for wimps like Erin and Malinda"

Jen said...

I guess I must see this movie to see if I have the "scared of graphic parental neglect in animated movies" gene too.

PhatNat said...

Oh Erin, I am SO THERE with you!!!!
I have never seen Titanic because someone described the scene where a mother prepares to die with her children by laying down with them to read them a story and .....WAIT FOR DEATH!!!! Are you kidding me? I don't need to see that!
Thanks for the warning- I'll stay away from that scary Horton movie!