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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Care for something lacy?

Shnookie3 attended a birthday party yesterday, for her good friend she's known since birth (10 long years). They went to the local mall and had a treasure hunt. I was impressed--what a clever idea. I'm thinking that her mom, my friend, was indeed a smartie. Then I learned that it was being orchestrated by the girl's father and his new trophy wife. That is when I should've started asking questions.

But NOOOOOO, Mama was just happy to have one less mouth to listen to, so I sent her off for 3 hours of mall treasure-hunting. When she gets back, she tells me how they went to 4 stores--one at a time--where the clerk would hand them a clue to lead them to the next store. Okay, sounds tricky to coordinate (aren't these clerks supposed to be working??), but cool. Then she shows me one of the clues, which I don't get, so I ask her what it meant. She said "Oh, that one lead us to Victoria's Secret." I'm thinking "oh please let there be another Victoria's Secret I don't know about that sells candy." Nope. This step-mom did not think twice about marching a bunch of 10-yr-old girls all the way through Victoria's Secret. My daughter was mortified. She melts into a gooey pile if we enter a department store anywhere near the lingerie section (and those sections are pretty tame, if you KWIM). The 'mom' says to them "Oh, it's no big deal--I shop here all the time." NOT helpful information.

This mall has well over 100 stores. They pick just 4, and one of them has to be Victoria's Secret?? Am I weird to think this is wildly inappropriate?

I was telling a friend this experience today, and she was duly horrified. Then she told me about a friend who'd sent her son to an army-themed party, where the parents gave all the boys BUZZ CUTS. Can you imagine?

Hmmm...now I'm wondering if maybe at Shnookie4's cheerleader party we should've injected air into all of their heads. Tee-Hee, JK, I like cheerleaders, please don't send explosive pom-poms to kill me.


Nat Attack said...

Hi Aunt Erin! I love reading your blog; your stories are always so funny! I laughed outloud at the Buzz Cuts. All I got the last time I went to a birthday party was a plate of stale nachos--and it was my own birthday party.

Crabtree Family said...

UNBELIEVEABLE!!! Poor girl. What some parents think is appropriate is just mind blowing. Remind me to check out "themed parties" before my kids go. Yikes!

PhatNat said...

Oh my stars!!!! I can't even LOOK at the Victoria Secret store when I pass it! They make me so mad with those anatomically correct mannequins wearing thong underwear- IN THE STORE WINDOW! I don't need to see that on my way to get an Orange Julius!!!!!!
What was that mother thinking?! Umm,she wasn't!

Jen said...

ROFL hysterically! Buzz cuts? Victoria Secret? It sounds like the plot of a bad sitcom. And I'll have to be offended for at least a minute or two because I was a cheerleader--the smart one with the flat chest!

I have to admit, I recently shopped in Victoria Secret and I've been trying to figure out how to blog about it without getting too personal, cuz it was EYE-OPENING!

Stephanie said...

Your blogs are so funny! I love reading them. I can't believe she chose that store for the hunt, CRAZY! I teach 10 year olds and who would ever think they belong in that store!

The Andrew Family said...

I thought it was bad when a friend handed out live fish as party favors. We were stuck hosting this goldfish for days. (Fortunately they die young.) We threatened to give puppies as favors the next time we had a party but your idiot friend has opened my eyes to the possibilities! (Okay, that may be harsh but after I thought about it I decided that calling her idiot was nicer than calling social services!)