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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Either way you put it, it's hard

At the beginning of this, our first week of summer, I unveiled my brainchild: our motto for this summer:
Aren't I brilliant? Totally came up with that, all by myself. hee
And now it's on the fridge, so it's law.
Naturally, my kids are all for the second part, so they had mixed emotions. In fact, they were somewhat bipolar as we discussed this plan. Glaring and depression during the work parts, instant elation and giddiness at the play parts. Up and down, up and down. That roller coaster ride should count for at least one of the play hard rewards.

The reason I put this theme into place is this: I've been realizing lately how many fun things we've never done that are practically in our front yard. Granted, most of that is because I was in bed for several years, but THE TIME HAS COME. I've also been noticing how neglected our home is (again, the bed thing). That part isn't exactly an epiphany--it's more like I'm suddenly motivated. And with 4 slaves under my command, it will go faster, right? Also, a couple of our kids have been so whiny lately, and nothing cures that like hard labor! (or a few swift kicks to the shins, but that's frowned upon for some reason.)

Soooo, we sat down and made a list. For every 'fun' idea they came up with, they had to come up with a needed project around the house. And after days of negotiations and their lawyers meeting with my lawyers...we settled on a plan. This week we've been taking one room a day to clean, and as a reward (the BIG ONE, as they call it), we're going to Lagoon tomorrow. Wheeee! (<--only half sincere on my part)

Can I just tell you how EXHAUSTED this motto has made me? I still don't have my full energy, so working hard is hard work, and playing hard is even harder work for me. I've gone to bed every night (at 7:00 pm) physically sick from the exertion.

Which just goes to prove that while hard work cures the whinys (whinies?) in children, it has the opposite effect on me. It turns me into a whiner.

I want my mom.


Crabtree Family said...

You're a brave but wise mom. The work hard part always seems to work mom the hardest and the play hard well that usually involves work too. But good for you for getting your kids involved. Can't wait till mine feel more like slaves : ) than I do.

Shawna said...

Awww erin you are SUCH an amazing mom! seriously.

Jen said...

What a great idea! I'll be stealing it and applauding you for being so creative.