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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The one day it's NOT all about me

Yesterday was June 3rd, which in this household has meant "Wedding Day for Lisa!!" Lisa is my dear friend who suddenly became a single mom of 3, two years ago. (Her first husband was a knucklehead--as my dad would say--who thought he'd find greener pastures elsewhere. BTW, he and his "new pasture" bought a house ACROSS THE STREET from Lisa last month. See? Knucklehead. Needless to say, Lisa's house is now up for sale. Anyway...) Lisa met, dated, and married a great guy named Brett, and we're all so happy!

I met Lisa 5 years ago, when she moved here and we discovered that we have not one, but TWO shnookies the same age. She found three other moms who had shnookies the same age, and we formed a play group. We moms became very close. And while our shnooks are all older now and have moved on to other friends, we moms still do our play group--w/o the kids. So Lisa asked us all to be bridesmaids (or bridesbabes, as I made her change it to, since you're never too old to be a babe) along with...get this: ELEVEN other friends of hers. For the mathmatically challenged, that's FIFTEEN bridesmaids, er babes.

I really hate this picture of me (it'd been a long day), but since I can't in good conscience photoshop myself out, we'll all have to deal. But isn't Lisa GORGEOUS?! And, of course, this is less than half of all the b-babes. See how she had us all get black dresses and then gave us a champagne sash to wear? That was kinda fun. Another playgroup friend, Aleis (to the right of me, looking as fresh as ever, dang her), and I drove up to Bountiful together for the wedding. So there we are, two grown women walking into the temple in matching dresses. Sweeeeet.

But back to the subject at hand. Let me just flood cyberspace with a joyful shout of...


Jen said...

Erin, you're a babe, no matter how tired!

The Andrew Family said...

I want to change one of the goals on my tag-- to look as babelicious refreshed as you do after a long day. (I'm debating whether or not to start hating you because you're beautiful. What shampoo do you use?)


PhatNat said...

Gorgeous...all of you! The girl power is eminating from you all!