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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thanks to a warm front...

Before Christmas 2008 totally retreats into the annals of time, let us bask in the twinkling lights of Salt Lake City's Temple Square. This is a local Christmas tradition that we have missed for the past four or so years, mostly because it involves five things I hate: cold, crowds, cold, impossible parking, and COLD. Thankfully, we've had a veritable heat wave since Christmas, and it's been hugging 40 degrees most every day. That eliminates...let's see...THREE...of the five things I hate; therefore, we ventured off to the big city of lights on Monday night.

It was beautiful, and such a great experience to take the new camera for a spin. Granted, I still have no idea how to use it, but I felt pretty cool walking around with it hanging around my neck. (I told Hubby that unless I sit down and learn how to use it soon, it's pretty much just a necklace...and a purse, cuz the camera bag is way cool.)

So don't expect much, but here's a few shots of the night:

And one in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, which blows me away every time I go in there:


Taylor Clan said...

Heat wave, huh. I guess the climate is vastly different between our counties. Or could you possibly mean that day the temperature peaked at nearly freezing? Have you every heard of Thankgsgiving Point? You drive through in your heated car. You are braver than I am, my friend.

Jen said...