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Thursday, March 12, 2009

867-530ni-i-ine.....plus 1 80wu-uh-uh-n

It has happened to Utah. We now have to dial 1+our area code to call our next door neighbors. It’s such a pain! Seriously, now it’s more efficient to just run next door rather than dial ALL ELEVEN DIGITS. And it’s even worse for me, because I just cannot adapt. So I end up dialing EIGHTEEN digits by the time I dial the old way, get the ‘wee-WEE-wee I’m sorry…” lady, and re-dial the new way. It’s been like ten days since they made the change, and I’m still doing it wrong 90% of the time! Do you realize how many precious minutes of my life have been wasted by this conspiracy?

Let me just admit right here that numbers are not my friends. I can remember the name of every dog in a 6-block radius, but do not expect me to retain anything number-oriented in my brain. Thus, it takes me FOR.EV.ER to learn a new phone number. I’ve had the same cell phone for 3 years, and I still have to ask my kids for the number. If someone tells me a phone number and I have to dial it 2 seconds later, I will get every digit wrong. Hubby changed his work number five months ago, and I never call him, because I CAN’T REMEMBER THE NUMBER. (Hmm…this sheds some light on WHY he changed the number…)

OK, so I believe I have established that I am number challenged. Add this area code debacle into the mix, and I’m practically paralyzed. You know how you spend 5 minutes looking up a number and then close the phone book while it’s dialing? Yup. I get the ‘I’m sorry…’ lady every time and have to start all over. I’m a mess. My kids are going hungry, I don’t have time to shower, and I’ve lost all of my money to the swearing jar.

AND IT’S NOT JUST ME!! My own mother didn’t call me for a week, because she’d had me on speed dial and couldn’t find my number! (Which is why, BTW, I never put anyone on speed dial—if I do, I’ll never be forced to remember their number and I’ll be unable to contact them in an emergency. As I’ve plainly demonstrated, this is just such an emergency.) Our friends live in a gated community, and no one could get in or out for a couple days until they re-programmed the gate for their new phone numbers. SEE?? These things have global repercussions! It’s no coincidence that the economy started tanking at the exact same moment the state of Utah hatched this inane plan.

If you’d like to discuss this matter at length, give me a call. I’d call you but, well………duh!


Jeni said...

I'm right there with you. I'm number challenged!! There've been several instances where I've lost my phone and have been totally unable to get a hold of anyone bc I don't know their numbers....

P.S. In my *single* life, whenever boys asked for my number I always wanted to write down, "Jeni 867 5309".

Taylor Clan said...

It's a conspiracy. Cutting out communications is the key to Democrats taking over the universe. I'd call and complain if I were you. The number is on your speed dial.

Mary B said...

Doesn't Utah even only have ONE area code?! We have 3 in AZ, but only have to dial 10 digits if we're calling a # in one of the other code zones.

This change comes as the UT legislature is changing the alcohol laws, right? Hmm...

Jen said...

I am here to comment for Becky who is lounging on the futon next to me (while I do ALL the work!) She says, "Wah wah, Salem's been doing it for years. Call the wah-mbulance!"

I'm sorry that she is so unsympathetic, all the sun is frying her brain. I, of course, am infinitely sympathetic. :D