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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Don't you wish your rug was hot like mine

There is light at the end of our remodel tunnel! Unfortunately, *I* am the one who has to get us almost all of the rest of the way. The worker guys are pretty much done, and now I have to put everything back together, re-hang pics, dig through boxes, etc. Hmmm, sounds like moving.

Thankfully, most of the basement is put back together, and it looks great! A lot of people have a hard time picturing what cork floors look like (I think they expect to see push-pin sticking out all over. hee), so I'm posting a couple pics of it. First, the close-up:

It feels like wood but has this ever so slight cushioning effect. Yummy! And you can see it in the next photo too. But first, I must share the story. A friend of my family owns a local well-known interior design business, which is where we went for our flooring. Then came the delays in shipping because of this, that, and the other, all the fault of wood suppliers. So our friend calls me to apologize (even tho we weren't mad or anything) and says she wants us to come and pick out an area rug from their design showroom--she wants us to have it for free so we won't have bad memories when we look at our floors! Wow, it's scary how happy that made me! I go to the show room, start going through these AMAZING 100% Wool plush area rugs that start at $1000, and I find the rug of my dreams. And now it sits in my basement family room! Did I mention FREE?

It's hard to tell in the photo, but it's got all these different textures and pile heights.

And it works--I have absolutely no bad memories when I look at this rug. In fact, I tingle from head to foot. Come by some time, take your shoes off, and walk on it. You might not get tingles (afterall, it's not YOU who got it for FREE), but your feet will be happy.


Tiffany said...

That is one amazing rug, I love it! Yeah for you.

CrabtreeGrandma said...

I reserve the right to come by whenever I want to frolic on the new rug since I think it was due to me [and maybe Marc some] that noted friend-of-the-family-floor- supplier was so nice to you!
I'm excited to see the finished result of the remodel on my next Utah trip--I'm sure it is gorgeous!

Jen said...

Now THAT's customer service! I'm thrilled for you and will imagine stepping on your cushy floor on top of your cushy cork whenever I need to feel happy!

Shawna said...

wow Erin! It looks absolutely gorgeous! That is the prettiest rug I've ever seen too! great choice!

Malinda said...

Do you remember those comercials when we were growing up, "Free is a very good price"? I always think that when someone gets a deal for free. That darn comercial! I love the rug! Cork floors are cool. Now I just need to get my big fat butt down to your house to sit on it!