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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A plaque would've been sufficient, thanks...

Hubby received this email today:
Good afternoon (Erin's Hubby),

I would like to congratulate you and SiteCheck Inspections, Inc. on your approval for membership in the AAMGA as a Business Services Member. Your application was reviewed at the last Board of Directors meeting. You will receive a more formal package of information, a plague, and a dues bill in the coming weeks. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. Again, welcome to the AAMGA.

Best regards,
(Woman who would surely prefer to be anonymous)
And this was his response:
Thank you (Woman who would surely prefer to be anonymous),

I’m excited to be joining the association. I’m not crazy about the whole “plague” thing, but I’m looking forward to participating with the other members.

(Erin's Hubby)

That made me laugh so hard! Just another example of why we should never get too complacent with spell check!


Taylor Clan said...

Perhaps the God of the Old Testament meant "plaque" but Moses got confused and all those horrible things happened to the Egyptians. Just a thought.

The Crabtree Chronicles said...

I somehow missed the post about T and the fondant and stumbled across it today. I am so impressed with the homemade fondant! I have used the store bought stuff several times, but never made it myself. Perhaps we'll have to have a friendly little cake competition at the reunion, eh? :)