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Monday, January 12, 2009

Fondant is French for 'Torture Your Mother'

Shnookie2 LOVES to bake cakes. Unfortunately I LOVE to eat cake. You can see the problem. HOWEVER, this post is not about me (as if that is possible). Hand in hand with the joy of baking for her is the joy of decorating said cakes. Do I dare say she gets a wee bit obsessed with the cake baking slash decorating? Yes, I think I do. When she gets ahold of fondant (for which she gladly spends her own money), she cannot rest until it is shaped and smoothed over some confection of her own creation.

When she was in California over Christmas break, it seems that she couldn't get to a store to buy fondant, so she looked it up on the internet and learned how to MAKE IT HERSELF. That surprised even me. And, wouldn't you know it, HER fondant turns out tastier and easier to use than store-bought fondant.

So, after she got home from Cali and had re-connected with all the important players in her life, the next order of business was to show her new-found cake skills. And here is what she presented to us:

Pretty impressive, eh? And pretty dang tasty, I might add.

And the next post will be about the extra 10 pounds I've mysteriously gained.


Tiffany said...

WOW! I'm am terrified of fondant. I love the look but have never tried myself, very impressed.

Shawna said...

Good lord! that is gorgeous! :) I love it!

You've got an awesome family Erin!

Jen said...

Fondant is NOT my friend. Apparently I don't have the fondant loving gene and several years of ugly cub-scout blue and gold banquet cakes gone bad will attest to it. That cake is beautiful!

The Andrew Family said...

I am amazed and impressed! Please give her a round of applause for me! I've yet to taste a good fondant. Would she be willing to part with the recipe?